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Extend Ffenics and DataEase with powerful new functions from my Function Factory!

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Custom functions (external functions in Ffenics) extend the power of your favourite development tool. Several libraries have been available since the product range was first released in the early 1990s, yet there has been very few new libraries since then.

From time to time in my consultancy work, I’ve written custom functions for DataEase and Ffenics for clients.

So now I bring you my first commercially available collection of over twenty text-manipulating functions, FFStrings.

  • Validate emails, postcodes, credit cards and more
  • Correct invalid emails, postcodes
  • Bulk replace substrings
  • Date manipulation
  • Merge a template text string with real data
  • Count the number of words
  • And more!
£75+ 20% VAT


Importantly, this library introduces regular expressions for the first time into DataEase and Ffenics. From the UNIX world, you’ll find this time-honoured technology for validating and manipulating strings all over the computing world, from the web to search options in your day-to-day programs.

It’s about time we had this for DE-Ff as well!

And best of all, whatever you want to validate or manipulate text-wise, you can bet that someone as already solved your need and posted a solution to the internet. Check out and for more.

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