What? Fifth Developer's Workshop
When? Mon 21st-Tues 22nd May 2012
Where? Covent Garden, London
How Much? £425 (£285 for one day) + VAT

Fforward with Ffenics (and DataEase)

Turbo-charge your Ffenics & DataEase Development: Workshops London 2012

Move your DataEase and Ffenics development to the next level

What They Thought Of Previous Events:

Excellent example of how a database could and should work, showing great use of filters ... very clear and pleasing on the eye...
Well worth attending ... shown me a new way to approach building my applications. Many thanks ... hope it will not be the last!
last year's workshop was brill, and really helped in different areas of Ffenics.

Yes, it is over 25 years since I started to create solutions with all flavours of DataEase and Ffenics. I've developed with and written about this product more than anyone. Now you can join myself and your fellow Ffenicians and Deasers for two days' worth of hands-on workshops.

Last year I ran my fourth two-day workshop. Everyone who came left exhausted but enlightened; several have since bought additional one-to-one days from me.

This year I'm running two events, and this is the first — in the heart of London. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your DataEase or Ffenics development, or use it to get some hands-on experience and advice from your peers if you are still looking to move.

Topics included:

  • Top-Down Development for strong and flexible applications
  • The mysteries of Custom Functions and Scripting revealed
  • Data in, Data Out: Importing and Exporing your precious data

And delegates were exposed to the Looper table, a concept so devious that we can only mention it by name here ... more on that later!

This year? Complete the form below to select the things you'd most like to perfect, and I'll build my fifth workshop around the consensus!

Maximum number of delegates is ten, so book early to reserve your place.

PS: In the last year, I've even been working inside the Ffenics codebase, adding new features and tidying old ones. We will be coming to the end of the next development cycle by the time of this workshop, so come for a sneak preview to find out more about where Ffenics is going!

Monday 21st —Tuesday 22nd May 2012; £425 for two days; £285 one day (ex VAT)

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Add any comments, questions, suggestions, etc, here, including if you just want to attend one day:

The workshop is aimed at users of 'Windows DataEase' — both DataEase and Ffenics — as well as those moving up from DOS. However, it will not cover DataEase 7 of later, or NetPlus.

To help construct the most useful program, please check up to six areas you’d like to explore:

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All bookings must be paid for in advance unless you make prior arrangements directly with myself. I need to confirm numbers with the venue by Monday 7th May.