Contents of Table

What belongs to the table? What belongs to the form? A simple enough question, with a simple enough answer!

You may have heard people advocate that you separate table from form design. But what actually belongs solely to the table? Indeed, what is meant by a DataEase table? (It's not the same as a SQL table...)

So here is that list, in two sections: the properties that belong to each field or column, and the overall properties of the table itself.

Field Properties

The following table-only properties are all found on the field definition dialog:

  • field type
  • length and format (date style, numeric string format, choice list, etc)
  • required
  • virtual
  • prevent-entry (but click here)
  • indexed (including fasttext)
  • unique
  • view and write security
  • derivation and validation
  • field help

The lookup option (unfortunately, in my opinion) can only be set at the table level.

The following options on this part of the field definition dialog are form properties. In particular, the visual control setting will be the default for that type of control: editbox for everything except yes/no, which defaults to check box, and choice, which defaults to list. Changing this at the table level will not carried through to any forms that use the table, unless you happen to base your new form on the original form.

  • Object name
  • Summarize
  • Visual Control

(Ive yet to understand what the Tableview name option is about, other than to tell you which table this field belongs to.)

The display and font dialogs that can be accessed via buttons on the field definition screen including all those to do with table-view are form-only settings, and nothing to do with the table.

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