Almost a third of a century of prime thinking about DataEase and Ffenics.

I can't believe it, but in 2016 I celebrate thirty years solving business problems using DataEase and Ffenics.

I've thought DataEase thoughts for my own enterprises, I've pondered for Dialogue, the magazine of the Dataease User Group, and I've considered and consulted for various manufacturers, charities, banks, and government organisations.

With seven years editing Dialogue, the DataEase magazine, I've thought more about DataEase and Ffenics issues than probably anyone else. When DfW first appeared in the mid 1990s, it was so buggy there was no one to write articles … so I rolled up my sleeves and wrote my own.

Now, thanks to thinking, experimenting and exploring its nooks and crannies, I can take DataEase and Ffenics to places you never thought it could go. Enlightenment awaits. Want to come?


Because I've run my own businesses – my first was a publishing venture called CityWise – I understand a lot about what a business needs.

Using DataEase as my small business tool of choice was one of my best decisions. Like you, I know how you can dream the business idea on Sunday, get in early Monday, and have a prototype good to go by lunchtime.

The idea-to-execution. The ease-to-power. That wonderful sense of achievement as your concept becomes reality. There's never been anything like DataEase.

Some Time in New York City

The biggest proof of the effectiveness of DataEase was when I worked in New York in the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Centre. As you can imagine, literally everything was needed yesterday. We had to fashion processes for handing information about families, remains, DNA samples, shipments, city, state, federal and international interactions and much more.

Out of all the chaos that was going on, DataEase, in the hands of a couple of competent – and opinionated – developers, ROCKED!

So Buy Some Of My Time!

But as your enterprise has grown, do you have the time or desire to continue to develop and maintain every aspect of your applications?

Maybe you want to put the application into hands you can trust.

So delegate some coding, some module, some entire application to someone who can deliver a world-class result. Buy some consulting from me. Your business deserves it!

Or maybe you want to keep your hands firmly on your application and its development.

Then what about some mentoring in helping you can polish your user interfaces with scripting, or build a dashboard to track your key metrics.

Or phone-call-away support to help you and your staff jump over coding roadblocks, for less money and pain than you'll spend banging your head against that wall of brick.

Or training. I've have now organised two very successful, educational and enjoyable training workshops, and will continue to do more this decade.

There, I've said enough. I consult. I train. I mentor. I support.

Now it's your turn. You do want to talk?