One Level Higher vs Form Open Related

The heart of One Level Higher is to use a relationship to filter out a range of records based on the value in a single record.

You get the identical result if you use form open related to navigate from a parenting form to a child form. Indeed, this is simply the DfW equivalent of using F10 to drill- down in DOS.

Both methods provide index-efficient ways of filtering datasets. And on the face of it, form open related is the simpler of the two, since we are not having to start a level higher.

However, form open related can only be used in the context of another form. You cant interrupt the journey from one form to another with some processing in or even just a gap between.

And if you are locating a record in a subform, that record must gain focus in some way in order for DfW to know which record is being opened in a related form. That means youll need a button in the subform at least, as virtuals and prevent-entry fields will not get focus.

(Version 7 might make this easier, as with it we can change the label on a button. Thus we could use buttons to display the values from a record, whilst taking advantage of the fact that the button can be clicked and gain focus.)

And remember that tricks like the Step To The Left filtering require some parenting table from which two independent subforms can be suspended. In which case, whether you use a global array or a form open related action to filter the records becomes academic.