Recent Articles

September 23rd 2011: Create a Calendar View of your Data

Seven days of the week across, six weeks down, just the selected month, and date from 1776 to 9993 and only 42 records...

January 20th 2010: Letters, Loopers and Some Very Strange Relationships

A bit of scripting, a bit of slight of hand and up pops an on-screen keyboard, made entirely out of Ffenics (and probably DataEase).

April 17th 2008: Various Items

PDF of a previous Dialogue article, which includes details of how to export data from memo fields.

September 6th 2006: Menus

PDF of my June 1999 article on creating a menuing form.

June 22nd 2006: All Sorts

Dynamic sorting in ascending and descending order à la Window Explorer.

June 14th 2006: DQL Exporting

PDF of my February 2001 dicussion about the DQL export command.

May 26th 2006: One Level Higher

UPDATED: Series of articles, including PDFs and demonstration applications ready for 6.52 and 7 (7 version should be okay for use with DataEase 7 Eval)

May 23rd 2006: Contents of Table

People tell you to separate table from form design. But what belongs to the table?

Knowledge Base

As the former editor of Dialogue, the DataEase Magazine, I've written thousands of words and dozens of articles about all versions of DataEase.

During my time in New York, I developed several new techniques and approaches to DataEase development, spurred on partially by the introduction of the ‘object manipulation language’, and always drawing on DfW’s core functionality.

My goal with this section of my site is to explore these new techniques. I back up the descriptions with demonstration applications for you to download.

I am also reviewing and updating my past material from Dialogue.