DataEase and Ffenics Concepts

Primary or co-proponent of:

  • Separating form and table design
  • Using custom functions
  • Lookup forms
  • Live reports
  • Cardinality-based rel names
  • Grouping with ad-hoc relationships
  • Starting one level higher
  • The Looper table
  • The export command
  • Fixed layout
  • Virtual fields in relationships
  • ‘Virtual’ tables
  • Filtering very large datasets
  • Forms over system tables

My DataEase Credentials

30 Yrs Consultancy Experience: DataEase DOS, DataEase for Windows and Ffenics solutions for manufacturing, banking, charity, publishing, local government and small business sectors

External Function Library Developer: Have written several functions to meet client needs, plus one commercially-available library, FfStrings.

Chief DataEase for Windows Architect for New York Office of Chief Medical Examiner: Built systems to support agency's response to World Trade Center attacks. Later, re-wrote Case Management System for their daily case load.

Editor, Dialogue, The Magazine For DataEase Users (published by UK-based DataEase User Group), 1993-2001: Edited 50+ issues, writing exensively on all key DataEase products.

Partner, Team Ffenics/Database Software Ltd: Together with founder Pete Tabord, ran the company behind Ffenics from 2010 to 2012. Focused on support, marketing, consulting and evangelising about Ffenics.

.NET Developer: Recently added .NET skills: ASP.NET; C#; SQL Server. Created data-driven websites

DataEase for Windows 6.x Template Applications 2001: Conceived, specified, built, documented and tested six demonstration applications in six weeks. See template directory of your copy of DataEase for Windows right now for samples of my work!

Conference Presenter: Regularly presented papers at conferences of International DataEase User Alliance in Deleware, USA, and DataEase User Group in the UK.

Training Workshops: Co-Organiser and presenter of two-day event with Richard Laidler, Cambridge, Jan 2001. Host Fforward With Ffenics workshops in Bristol and elsewhere since 2009. Ran a total of nine workshops to date (2015).

NetPlus Scalescript Manual Re-write: Three-month intense project to test and re-write documentation of some forty classes.

DataEase DOS User since 1986: Used DataEase as central tool in publishing business, from cashflow and distribution to magazine production.

Inventor of Many DataEase For Windows Concepts: See sidebar for ideas I have invented or to which I have made a significant contribution.

Top Three DataEase Forum Contributor: Also a regular READER of the forum. I’m a DataEase sponge, soaking up all that DataEase and Ffenics goodness!