What My Clients Say:

"Your approach worked beautifully. I owe you big time!"

"I would not hesitate to recommend you..."

"I wish I had come to you first!"


Your business deserves the finest consulting mind solving your DataEase and Ffenics needs.

If you are looking for DataEase or Ffenics consultancy — or DE-Ff as I call them —
put your application and business in the hands of someone with a proven track record in quality, imaginative and cost-effective solutions.

I have 30 years experience in consulting with all flavours of DE-Ff products, with a variety of businesses and organisations, and in some interesting situations. (I even once designed an app for use in a bio-hazardous environment!)

That means I have the skills to:

  • Get to the heart of your business needs
  • Translate them into a software solution
  • Understand how to add new modules to your existing application
  • Deliver an elegant, working solution

Your Business Needs

You need a consultant who can listen to your business needs first, and be mindful of those needs while developing. It's no good if you ask for a swing and you get a roundabout!

I actually enjoy your business problems and working with your staff. Through conversations with the owners and the workers, I strive to get to the heart of your requirements.

Translated Into Software

I've picked up a DE-Ff trick or two in my time. I can play this software like a piano. And I have yet to find a requirement that cannot be translated into a solution.

And as a Microsoft .NET developer, I can enhance the solution and bridge gaps to other software and even to the web.

Elegant And Working

For me, elegant means maintainable, simple, flexible.

And I guarantee my work will work ... or you pay nothing.

  • World-class, UML-enhanced, data-modelling skills
  • Creative, proven, deadline-motivated solutions
  • Project management that delivers
  • Now going beyond DataEase and Ffenics, with .NET, C++, PHP and a slew of web-related technologies under my belt!

From help with a specific module or function to a complete development service

From envisioning to deployment. And everything in between!

Call now on 07793 148660, or email me: adri@n10net.com

I also offer technical and user documentation, and can assist with QA, support and user training requirements.