Concepts and Techniques

In this section, I explore ideas that have helped me solve real-life user requirements.

One Level Higher

Sometimes the table whose data you want to see is not the table you should start with.

Simply Higher: Starting point for discussion of One Level Higher concept (PDF)

Step To The Left: Using the data from one subform to filter an adjacent subform (PDF)

All Sorts: Let the user sort sub-form data in ascending or descending order, using any field you choose. (PDF)

One Level Higher vs Form Open Related: The in-built option to navigate to documents and records using the form open related command can achieve the same behaviour as One Level Higher. So why bother with the latter?

One Level Higher: White paper on One Level Higher (PDF format)

Demonstration Application for "Simply Higher", "Step To The Left" and "All Sorts" (see Readme.txt for password and other instructions)  (DataEase 6); (DataEase 7)