More than Just DataEase

Over recent years, I have expanded my skill base to include the latest from Microsoft - .NET, especially ASP.NET, using C# and SQL Server.

My programming skills are complemented by strong writing and graphic design experience, important for creating effective user interfaces and documentation. 

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About n10net

N10net is the internet home of myself, Adrian Jones.

The aim of this site is to help you build successful solutions using Ffenics and DataEase for Windows (DfW).

The DataEase product range hides its light under a bushel. It is a great – but not perfect – product. Much of its 'best practice' is anecdotal. It falls to its fans to sing its praises, to criticize where criticism is due, and to enlighten fellow Ff/DfWers in its use.

The Ffenics Forum is a superb resource, and a great place for fans to voice opinions on a daily basis. But I feel that there is also room for considered, reflective material, backed up by downloadable demonstration applications. That is the goal of my Knowledge Base section.

I also offer mentoring and consultancy services to help you directly in your Ffenics and DataEase pursuits.